Facebook Marketing

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook to connect with people and discover things. Millions of businesses are using Facebook each day to drive discovery, generate leads, boost sales and earn loyalty to stay on top of customer’s mind.

Why learn Facebook Marketing

  • Find new customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Generate demand for your product
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Build relationships to keep your business on top of user’s mind


1. Introduction to marketing

Start by understanding the importance of planning your business marketing strategy. This module covers finding your business’ USP, defining your audience and developing a strategy around marketing funnel.

2. Facebook Pages and Post Best Practices

Learn how to connect with people by planning your Facebook page and understanding how it is structured to make the maximum use of it.

3. Facebook Ads - Campaign Objectives

For each Facebook Ad, you have multiple objectives to choose from. This module helps you build right objectives based on each business objective.

4. Facebook Ads - Targeting audiences

Understanding your audience is a challenge for many businesses today. But developing a marketing plan without a knowledge of your audience is a step to failure. Segment your audience and target the right audience with this module.

5. Facebook Ads - Impactful Creatives

Make an impact with creatives and know the different ad formats which look good on all devices.

6. Facebook Ads - Optimization and Reporting

With this module, measure you adverts and get business insights to optimise how you are connecting with your audience.

7. Facebook Ad Policies

Get in-depth understanding of Facebook Ad policies, ad disapproval, account status and Facebook support for a smoother journey.

8. Facebook Messenger

Connect and engage with your new or long term customers on Facebook to get results. Offer them suggestions, support, engage with them or encourage purchase from one messenger.

9. Facebook Shop

Plan and structure your Facebook shop to manage and sell more products with Facebook.

10. Building Brand Awareness

Build your brand with Facebook to connect with people where they are- Facebook and Instagram. Plan your targeting, creatives, placements for brand awareness.

11. Driving In-store Footfall

Build Facebook campaigns to drive traffic to your offline store. Learn how to develop a local campaign and sell more with Facebook.

12. Facebook Pixel

Measure conversions, optimise ad delivery, automate audience building and do more with Facebook Pixel. Learn and work on Pixels with this module and get more insights on how people are using your website.

13. Driving Online Sales

Learn how to get more sales and drive traffic with remarketing campaigns, targeting, creatives and placements and ad formats.

14. Generating Leads

This module guides you through creating a lead generation campaign to drive results for your business.

Silent Features

  • Weekly delivery of 14 hours of pre-recorded sessions by the expert trainers followed by 6 hours of in-class exercises
  • Careful preparation of 20+ hours of hands-on exercises and case studies to work and grow your business
  • Training content created by Facebook. Learn the latest tools and techniques used for Facebook Marketing
  • Certification from i3 corporation and Facebook
  • 24X7 Lifetime discussion support


Que. Why did you choose flipped method for delivery?
Ans. While pre-recorded sessions help the participants control the session. They can watch, rewind, and fast-forward as needed. Sessions that can be viewed more than once. Devoting class time to application of concepts gives the trainer a better opportunity to discuss real business cases and group projects, thus encouraging participants to learn from each other.

Que. What will happen if I miss any live session?
Ans. We understand that. We will share the recording of each session, whether you attend it or not

Que. Will I be able to clear Facebook Blueprint certification?
Ans. Yes, our course will enable you to do that. You can appear and clear all 3 Blueprint Certifications post completion of the course.

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