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  • i3 corporation is engaged in providing PPC Management Services in Surat, Gujarat, India. It is a professional internet marketing and PPC Management company, offering set of services at competitive prices in Surat, India.
  • The main advantage that you’ll get with PPC management services provided by Deep Technologies, that is budget maintenance while advertising on Google, Bing and other search engines. Deep Technologies helped to many Clients to reduce their expenses, Generate more leads & Increase their sales. As being a PPC Campaign Management Company situated in Surat, we understand each project is unique and make sure to increase the efficiency of every project by lowering down the Cost Per Clicks (CPC) and increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) by targeted visitors. Our online marketing team expertise in developing, manage and monitoring Google AdWords Campaign on regular basis.
  • Our Pay per click management process is not complex at all. We have certain rules defined from the start to the end of any project to make it a successful online advertising story. Here is how our ppc management process works:

Benefits of PPC Management Services

  • Complete Control over budget
  • Bidding amount can be changed anytime
  • Provides facility to target your audience in any City & Country
  • Anytime you can add or pause, delete your Google ad words Campaign
  • Pay only when Visitors Click on your Google Ads
  • More Traffic to your website

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